"Shanghai Lily's Speakeasy"

Somewhere in Time, Unlimited's
 Spring 2008 Event


**Web Mistress's note: The photos displayed herein were taken by a number of people who attended the event.  All photos were happily accepted, regardless if they were a bit "too bright" or a bit "too dark".  We hope you find your favorite amongst these and share the link to this page with your friends!

(**The story that "might have been"...)

She was a well known woman of questionable breeding, hung out in the “wrong part of town”, and had even opened a dance establishment that (gasp!) served liquor when the cops on the beat turned their heads.



Yes, “Shanghai Lilly” was her name.  Her speakeasy establishment was in operation from 1919 to 1933, on and off, but mostly “on”.


Inside, it was a classy, but raucous sort of place with great musicians, quality food and of course, the mandatory hooch that the folks all wanted despite Prohibition. 


When the sharp blow of a whistle was heard or rumour was that the cops were on the way, supplies were dropped into the underground tunnel that ran beneath the dance floor and wound up across the street at a warehouse containing ice in old Georgetown, just south of downtown Seattle.

There were many close calls, but it was seldom that the early Seattle police force (who happened to be located just down the street!) ever managed to capture Lilly’s hooch or girls!


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Here are some delightful photos of the participants in this year's Spring Event. 
There were many fine, Hep Cats, Big Spenders and Glamorous Ladies.

Then of course, there was Rose, "Second Hand Rose" to be sure...

Rose's father has been in the second hand trade. 
He dealt in a variety of household goods, including pianos.

Rose wound up wearing second hand hats, clothes, curls and pearls.  Why Rose's situation in life was so bleak, even her boyfriend "Jake" who was in the plumbing industry, admitted to having been married before!

The evening started off with a lovely potluck buffet followed by Rose welcoming people to the party, giving fair warning to everyone about "Da e-muuuurgency exits" just in the event that "Da Coppers rush in ta BUST da joint"!  Rose then began singing of her situation as the notoriously named "Second Hand Rose" and then ended her delivery from the stage by introducing The Chicago 7 of local fame.

Ladies, what do you have in those shakers and cups?

Even visiting exotic and mysterious foreign ladies could be seen raising a glass or two toward Lily...
Folks came from all over the city to party at Shanghai Lily's.  There were an assortment of tea cups and coffee cups on nearly every table.  It was anyone's guess what might be poured into those vessels.  Someone suggested that it might be a "Scottish" variety of "tea".  The food was outstanding indeed!
Sweet and sour, fried rice, various "specialties" were available to try.  For dessert, the obvious choice: fortune cookies!!!

In attendance this evening, people spotted the dashing "Mr. F.Scott Fitzgerald" and his lovely wife "Zelda" with peacock fan posing for us to admire.
  Also spotted was the glamorous Miss "Lillian Harvey" of movie fame, fluttering her gold fan while madly flirting with the Hep Cats seated nearby.  
Rose noted this evening that there were many lovely ladies who had donned the "Lily" attire (even the famous movie starlets) and reasoned that this was a good foil in case Da Coppers really DID try to "bust da joint".  Here, "Lady Northcliffe", wife of famed British industrialist Lord Northcliffe glams it up for the cameras.
"Jerry", owner of Shanghai Lily's building in historic Georgetown (The Georgetown Ballroom Seattle, Washington), was also in attendance. His lovely assistant was there to make sure everything went smoothly.  He and his assistant were most charming and helpful to everyone with their needs.  We enjoyed them tremendously!!!

**If you'd like to rent the Georgetown Ballroom for an upcoming event or family reunion, it is a beautifully appointed building with a lot of vintage charm and decorating! 
For full details or to book, please click: georgetownballroomseattle@gmail.com
About 5pm, The Chicago 7 led by Marc Smason began the entertainment.  Guest vocalist was artist JoAnne Klein.  They played many of the popular tunes of the 1920's, including many popular songs of the Cole Porter variety.

The Chicago 7 has quite a following in the Pacific NW area.  The musicians are very talented and have even recruited Mr. Smason's lovely young daughter as additional vocalist.  It was as Lily says, "Jest CRAZY" that Shanghai Lily managed to book them for the evening.

If you want to arrange for special entertainment of your own, be sure to book the Chicago 7 & Ms. Klein early!
  Check out the dancers enjoying the "hot" music...
Everything seemed to be going along brilliantly.  The food had been enjoyed, the hooch was flowing from undisclosed locations and the dancers were in fine form.  Suddenly, from out of no-where, a "TWEEEEEEET" of the infamous whistle.  "Da COPPERS!!!!"  Rose had warned us and now here was a representative of the Georgetown Police rushing in to arrest poor Lily and break up the party!
Fortunately for all of us, an "influential gentleman" from the party stepped up to pass Officer O'Flynn some "influential paper matter" across his palm and Officer O'Flynn agreed to let the party continue, "Until the paddy wagon gets here..."  Whew!  Close call for sure!
Stopping by to join in the fun were the classy UW Swing Kids of the University of Washington. 

These folks know how to kick up their heels! 

Everyone knew some new "energy" had moved into the building when some Hep Cats and Modern Millie's strolled in wearing spats, zoot suits, short dresses, pearls and the 20's attitude of "let's party"!!!

Fresh-faced and fancy high stepping, the girls knew how to Charleston and catch the attention of more than one Hep Cat!


Goodness!  The cat-call whistles and "Woo-hoo's" from the audience was proof positive of appreciation by the crowd.  Swing dem beads!!!  
It wasn't long before virtually everyone in the room was on their feet learning the new dance steps being taught by the Swing Kids.

Echoes of "..and you push and you push and you,
what?"  "Cross over!" could be heard all the way down the street.
Show us the steps again... Are you paying attention?
"..and you push and you push..." See?  All age groups are represented.
We're gettin' the hang of it now. Look Ma, no hands!
Wheeeeeeeeeee... "Cross over!"

The ever delightful "Hemmingway cousins" were at it again, sans spouses this time.

What would the men say if they came home to find their wives having enjoyed an evening of "drinking tea" without them? 

Best take home some fortune cookies and "tea" for the men.

Visiting out of a secret bunker deep in the Colorado Hills was the lovely "Mrs. Capone", sister-in-law to Chicago's famed resident. 

Her dear friend "Mame" from New York attended wearing her latest red hot find from the designer boutique "V-Vee-laaage".

Also sighted this evening was the ever delightful & poised
"Ms Earhardt" sister of the famous female pilot.

Oh the stories this one told!
Newly arrived into the Georgetown area, just in time for the fun at Shanghai Lily's, "Roxie Heartthrob" was spotted with her ever-fun-lovin' guy pal "Big Al" visiting from Chicago.  Rumour has it that Roxie is hoping to have a flashy diamond on her hand in time for June nuptials.  Watch the papers folks...
Speaking of nuptials, the young and recently married "Mr. & Mrs. Gary Cooper" danced the night away.  Mrs. Cooper, actress (nee "Veronica Balfe"), was overheard saying that her feet ached and by the looks of the hip flask in her left hand, she must have been prepared by bringing some of "Dr. Einstein's Famous Remedy" for aches and pains.

Perhaps "Gary" will take her home and read her some of his scripts to take her mind off her aching tootsies.
Since "Second Hand Rose" appears to suffer the slings and arrows of "Jake the Plumber", she tries her best to capture the attention of Officer O'Flynn.  He does, after all, have a good job and confesses to being at least single!
  "Shanghai Lily" and friends are vamping it up for the cameras.  She seems intent on letting "Rose" distract "O'Flynn" while the group poses.
The very elegant couple "Mr. and Mrs. David Sarnoff" of RCA and NBC fame graced the evening's atmosphere with their chic style.

Also swinging by
to do a little Charleston or tango was film star "Marion Davies" (pictured here in blue), straight off the set of her most recent hit movie, "The Burden of Proof".

  Back at it again, the Swing Kids mug for the cameras in various poses!
Thanks again Jerry for being so kind to the members of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited and allowing us use of such a fantastic facility!  We appreciate everything you've done for us.  You looked really swell in your costume as well.

Thanks too, goes out to Brocklind's for allowing our "Officer O'Flynn" to do his job in such great style.

Everyone can rest easy now that O'Flynn is back on duty guarding our streets...

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